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Peter Kays Driven To Distraction
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Driven To Distraction is the spectacular two-part Peter Kay ensemble featuring the hilariously funny one-off comic sitcom Two Minutes plus his renowned cameos on top soap Coronation Street.Two Minutes was originally aired in 1997 and formed part of a comedy series called New Voices which showcased up and coming talent. Having just won Best Comedian in the North West in 1996 Peter Kay was moments away from catapulting himself into stardom as the comedian we know and love today. We see his wit and charm in full flow as the getaway driver as 2 mates attempt to rob a pub of its takings.The collection of Coronation Street episodes feature Peter Kay as a shop fitter in his early days as well as his most recent and much loved cameo as Eric, the drayman with the hots for Shelly the barmaid!

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